+27 Animal Jam Worn Blanket 2022

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+27 Animal Jam Worn Blanket 2022. It could only be received during the month of november 2018 as part of an online membership purchase. Worn blankets, more commonly known as worns are quite a popular item on animal jam.

all about rare animals unique animals and more.... Rare Worn Blanket
all about rare animals unique animals and more…. Rare Worn Blanket from 1rareanimals.blogspot.com

Green, pink, cream, black, red, brown, light. It was released on january 6, 2021 in pack merch. This item comes in 20 variants.

This Item Is In A Collection With The Pack Signia Ring, Pack Flag, Pack Cap, And Pack Banner.

This is a large, thick blanket that covers a jammer's back when worn. Today i'm going to showcase two popular methods of getting worn blankets on animal jam! The rare worn blanket is a thin, ragged, light blue piece of fabric with holes mostly around the center.

They Come In 9 Colors:

It returned again on june 3, 2022. This item is often mistaken for a beta item, but it was released a month after beta testing ended. It was released on june 9, 2014, at jam mart clothing for rare item monday.

This Item Has Two Rare Item Monday Counterparts:

Quite a few jammers you'll see around in jamaa will be wearing one of these. It was later released on april 25, 2020, and left on august 2, 2020. The rare worn blanket sold at the leap year party and the rare worn blanket sold for rare item monday.

The Leap Year Items Were First Released On February 27Th, 2012 At The Leap Year Party.

It later came back in 2020, with new den items and the 2016 clothing items. Worn blankets are a very popular item in animal jam. It was released from february 27, 2012, to march 1, 2012, at the leap year accessories shop.

Green, Pink, Cream, Black, Red, Brown, Light.

However, there is an unreleased item with the same style as this item. Players looking to give their furry friend threads might try to buy animal jam worn blanket from other players. This variant is unnamed in the files.