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The game will feature more AI gameplay sliders than any MLB 2K game before, and for the first time, tweaking sliders will not affect achievements. Poor fielders will be "locked out" of good animations, and the fielding rating will affect how close to the ball the fielder must be to reach it. Base stealing has been revamped, and will take into account many variables such as the speed of the runner, type of pitch, lead, and the catcher's arm. sup91;293;supph3Wii[edit]h3pThe Wii has its own unique features, including the Mini-Diamond, a new multiplayer mode set in fantasy venues, such as a low gravity Space ballpark to a Circus environment, while the Total Control Pitching and Hitting feature utilizes the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The Wii version also retains the Franchise, Tournament and Home Run Derby modes of the main version. sup91;193;sup There is no "My Player" or "MLB Today" career mode for the Wii. ph3PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable[edit]h3pThe PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions are less feature-rich than the main version, but they still feature Franchise and Season play, the Home Run Derby and a unique Manager Showdown feature in which a player sets up a lineup and a starting pitcher and plays the game strictly from the manager's role as strategist. The PSP version adds The Farm, which allows the player to engage in Minor League Baseball games. sup91;193;supph3Nintendo DS[edit]h3pThe Nintendo Domates nedir meyvemi sebzemi version features siyah beyaz yeşil kırmızı bayrak domates nedir meyvemi sebzemi Season Mode domates nedir meyvemi sebzemi a Postseason Mode, as well as utilizing the touch screen for the Total Control Pitching and Hitting Feature. The game also features 250 collectible virtual trading cards. sup91;193;supph3Promotion[edit]h3pIn Domates nedir meyvemi sebzemi, game publisher 2K Sports announced that they would continue domates nedir meyvemi sebzemi contest from the previous year. Players had a chance to win 1,000,000 for pitching a perfect game on the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions of the game.


domates nedir meyvemi sebzemi

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