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Best Hikaru Anime Character References. 駒木 (こまき) 輝 (ひかる) , komaki hikaru) is a third year wing spiker and the captain of the tokonami high volleyball club. Hikaru kusakabe (草壁光, kusakabe hikaru) is one of the main protagonists of the doukyuusei series.

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She was originally part of the committee set up by cho ginten to disband the eiken club but. They became playable characters in gokujō parodius! Series, including characters from both the manga and anime series.

He Has A Thin, Lanky Build And Seems To Be A Bit Bow.

He secretly has a perverse side that enjoys abusing his power to make people float into the sky, claiming that it is very moving. Their weapons are borrowed from konami's thunder cross. Voice of hikaru amane in the prince of tennis;

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Our series view count resets each month as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular. Kusakabe has unkempt blond hair that reaches his shoulders and droopy eyes that imply he may have trouble getting a sufficient amount of sleep, though this 'droopy' appearance could be a result of his smoking habit. Komaki has an average build and height.

He Is An Average Student, But A Talented Musician.

Hikaru hizashi, known as hikaru asahi (朝日ヒカル, asahi hikaru) in japan, is one of two main protagonists along with his younger brother, hyuga, of the anime/manga series, beyblade burst surge. He formerly attended and graduated from toufu daiichi high school, along with rihito. Both twins are playful and mischievous, but of the two, hikaru is.

駒木 (こまき) 輝 (ひかる) , Komaki Hikaru) Is A Third Year Wing Spiker And The Captain Of The Tokonami High Volleyball Club.

Streams your gateway to a myriad of legal anime streams of your favourites; They are two showgirls in rabbit costumes riding on rockets. A total of 84 titles.

They Became Playable Characters In Gokujō Parodius!

He fought with his beyblade kolossal helios zone 1b, until it was destroyed by lain valhalla. He has short dark hair and thin eyebrows. Hikaru appears to be a gracious and humble person.