11 Korean Animal Face Types Test References

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11 Korean Animal Face Types Test References. I have a baby face. I have none lol i.

TESTING ANIMAL FACE MASKS! YouTube from www.youtube.com

Seeing what animal face type i have | i act had no idea what to expect | meow. I have a young looking face not a baby looking face tho. Maybe i think he want to say you look so cute like puppy.

I’m Talking About The Face Type Of A Person.

More recently, koreans (and the rest of east asia) have been categorising the looks of their favourite celebrities into different “types”, comparing them to animals. Their smiles are infectious and take up their whole face, making you want to smile with them. Finally, what type of face do you think you have?

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It's very popular in korea to assign you to a animal face , and this video is the ultimate video on explaining every face type ! Rendering factories separate the fat from waste animal tissue in order to create stearic acid.animals used for this process will include cows, pigs and sheep. This is based on the way that people compare kpop idols faces to animals.

Below You Can Find A Complete List Of Korean Animals.

What animal do you look like? Mostly they regard the dog type as cute, while cat type as sexy. So while i was scrolling through youtube, i found this video of a korean youtuber explaining the different animal face types that south koreans use to analyze your overall face type.

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For example, bts’s v reminds people of a fox, blackpink’s jennie is being compared to a cat, and aespa’s karina is said to have a “snake” face. I explain a faq, which is how koreans divide different types of faces! Just try and have fun!

Tiktok Video From Hannah Cho (@Imhannahcho):

I look like im my age. Your face looks like puppy. Is your face youthful or even do you have an innocent baby looking face.