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0brImproved:br- Removal of Chrome browser items within Privacy when Chrome sync is turned onbr- Self-uninstallation of CleanMyMac Xbr- More precise detection of malicious executables that launch at system startupbrbrAdded:br- Search Queries cleanup in Chrome browser within PrivacybrbrFixed:br- A number of cases when CleanMyMac X Menu crashedbr- Enhanced security for CleanMyMacrsquo;s privileged operationsbr- Removal of BlueStack application within System Junkbr- Minor bugs and known crashesbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 3brNew:brMalware detection improvements:brWersquo;re working hard on enhancing our Malware Removal module and detecting more kinds of threats. With this update, we start:br- Detecting malwares that launch automatically when restarting your Macbr- Checking. pkg files for nedamet dergisi threatsbrbrbrFixed:br- Adding items to Ignore List in the Malware Removal modulebr- Crash on scanning items within Privacybr- Drag and drop UI issue in the Uninstaller modulebr- A lot of issues to improve CleanMyMac X stabilitybrbrImproved:br- Uninstallation of Proxyman app got improvedbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 2brAdded:br- New groups of Chrome items available for cleanup within Privacybr- Updated malware database and detection rulesbr- CleanMyMacrsquo;s Terms of Nedamet dergisi got updated to clarify trial version limitationsbrbrImproved:br- Uninstaller finds stuff up to 5 times faster nowbr- Clearer cleanup log details within Privacy in case of errorsbr- Uninstallation of the Anaconda appbrbrFixed:br- Cloud trash wasnrsquo;t displayed within Trash Binsbr- Firefox items were not shown in the Privacy modulebr- Crash on opening Full Disk Access windowbr- Crash when navigating within Space Nedamet dergisi CleanMyMac X Menu icon was invisible in the status barbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 1brAdded:br- Updated malware databasebr- Accessibility labels for table views for VoiceOver usersbr- CleanMyMacrsquo;s Terms of Service got updated to represent the trial limitationsbrbrImproved:br- Self-uninstallation of Nedamet dergisi X got even betterbr- Using CleanMyMacrsquo;s Uninstaller is tebeşir tozu nasıl içilir easiest way to remove an application from nedamet dergisi Mac, even if itrsquo;s CleanMyMac itself (smile) We hope yoursquo;ll use it only when moving the app to another computerbr- Uninstaller finds stuff approximately twice as fastbr- Steam app resources are now treated the same way as any other appbrbrFixed:br- An error on attempt to open the Full Disk Access tab in CleanMyMacrsquo;s Preferencesbr- Traffic light buttons position for Arabic and Hebrew localizationsbr- 32-bit Steam apps werenrsquo;t displayed correctly in Uninstallerbr- Removal of locked files from Trash in CleanMyMac X Menubr- Crash when removing files that require additional permissionsbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 0brImproved:br- Uninstallation of Quicken applicationbr- CPU chart animation in CleanMyMac X Menubr- Enhanced security for CleanMyMac's Privileged AgentbrbrAdded:br- Detection of new types of threats within Malware Removalbr- Photo and iTunes Junk modules became irrelevant and were removed for macOS CatalinabrbrFixed:br- Health alerts appeared when Do Not Disturb mode in the Nedamet dergisi Center was onbr- Crash on CleanMyMac launch for some users with Arabic calendarbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 7br- Updated malware databasebr- Minor bugs and known crashesbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 6brNew:br- Chrome Downloads cleanup: now you can remove unneeded Chrome downloads within System Junk for extra space on your Macbr- Deleted Bayram mesai ücreti hesaplama 2021 Users cleanup: consider removing the data that remains on your Mac after deleting user accounts. Look for a new feature in the System Junk modulebrbrFixed:br- A crash that could occur within Updater in nedamet dergisi of unexpected Nedamet dergisi Notes format of certain applicationsbr- Safari cookies could not be found in the Privacy modulebrbrAdditional Details:br- Siemens kurulum randevu Look preview was added within Space Lensbr- Malware and Safety Database update process was amendedbrbrImproved:br- Uninstallation of Adobe Acrobat Reader and Setapp applications nedamet dergisi improvedbr- Interaction with external drives and Full Disk Access blocks for VoiceOver usersbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4.


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