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Look for this feature in the Maintenance modulebrbrImproved:br- User Cache Files in System Junk now include App Store cachebr- Scan results indication for Space Lens in the sidebarbr- VoiceOver in Smart Scan for better accessibilitybrbrFixed:br- Google Chrome was uninstalled along with non-related files in the Uninstaller modulebr- A number of minor issues here and therebrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 0brbrImproved:br- Interface illustrations and icons for high contrast modebr- VoiceOver for better accessibilitybr- Outlook attachments scanbr- Enhanced button design throughout the appbrbrFixed:br- Updater failed to offer PDF Expert app updatesbr- Older versions of Mailplane app were displayed in the Updaterbr- Firefox Autofill Values were not removed in the Privacy modulebr- Firefox bookmarks got wiped out when cleaning history via the Privacy modulebrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 1br- Improved: updated malware databasebrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 3brImproved:br- Cleanup logs got a little more detailed by adding module names to their entriesbr- Uninstaller allows to add separate leftover files to Ignore Listbr- Better and faster scanning for application leftover filesbr- High contrast mode for better accessibilitybrbrAdded:br- An option in Preferences to enable yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim yağmur atacan annesi kaç yaşında Beta features for live versionsbr- An ability to share your cleanup results yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim social networksbrbrFixed:br- Uninstaller did not show Dock icons among application resourcesbr- Apps with long names did not fit well yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim the Updaterbr- Several CleanMyMac X Menu issues related to privilegesbr- A number of minor issues here and therebrbrbrCleanMyMac X yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim. 1br- Change log not available for this versionbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 1brNew:br- Detection of hijacked browser settings for Malware RemovalbrbrImproved:br- Visual progress and log details for cleanup operationsbr- iOS device monitors can be disabled for CleanMyMac X Menu from Preferencesbr- Complete applications are marked as malicious if they include embedded malwarebrbrFixed:br- Updater failed to detect updates if you had over 200 App Store applications installedbr- Two more causes of CleanMyMac X Menu becoming yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim Wrong speeding up Mail behavior without Full Disk AccessbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 0brNew:br- Mail Attachments: In addition to the native Mail application, this module now supports Spark and Outlook (2016) email clientsbr- Large amp; Old Files: Now completely ready to look for old stuff on your external devices. Keep them tidy too!br- CleanMyMac X Menu: Using some wireless magic, you will now see storage and battery state of your iOS devicesbr- System Junk: Becomes awesomely cool by having four more locations to find junk inbrbrImproved:br- Apart from apps, Updater will let you know about macOS updatesbr- CleanMyMac X is now notarized by Apple to support the highest security standardsbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 3brFixed:br- Health issue notifications appeared in random parts of the screenbr- CleanMyMac crashed when stumbling upon items with negative size valuesbr- Another issue that caused CleanMyMac X Menu to become aöl açık lise girişi X 4. 2brImproved:br- Added a side progress indicator for the Updater modulebr- Added one of the system services to Health alert ignore listbrbrFixed:br- Menu app did not ask for required permissions if skipped for the first timebr- Interface text colors were presented the wrong way for disabled componentsbr- CleanMyMacrsquo;s updating system failed on automatic update checksbr- Malware Removal scans got interrupted under certain circumstancesbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 0brImproved:br- Now the Updater lets you update several apps or even all of them at oncebr- Selecting apps for resetting or uninstallation has become easier in the UninstallerbrbrAdded:br- Manage yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim Steam games easily with CleanMyMacrsquo;s UninstallerbrbrFixed:br- CleanMyMac X Menu being blank under certain conditionsbrbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 4br- This update fixes a problem with Health Notifications that could not be disabled or ignored on macOS Mojave. brbrbrCleanMyMac X 4. 3brAdded:br- Support of macOS 10.


yildiz tilbe vazgeçtim

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